Cross-border Joint Procurement

The EU Public Procurement Rules (Directive 2014/24/EU) allows for cross-border joint public procurement.

The EPCO’s framework (Decision ECB/2008/17 as amended) establishes the framework for joint procurement, on a cross-border basis, among the central banks of the ESCB that participate in EPCO’s activities. Furthermore, other entities might participate in some EPCO related procurement activities.

EPCO Joint Tender Procedures

An EPCO ‘joint tender procedure’ means a procedure for the joint procurement of goods and services that are necessary for the performance of Eurosystem tasks.

They are carried out by the leading central bank for the benefit of the entities having the right to participate in the respective joint tender procedure.

A joint procurement is launched when one or the following two requirements are expected:

  1. if a joint procurement is expected to result in more advantageous purchase conditions for the participating institutions in accordance with the principles of cost-efficiency and effectiveness; and/or,
  2. if the central banks need to adopt harmonised requirements and standards in relation to such goods and/or services.

The EPCO Procurement Plan

After the definition of areas of assessment and identification of new procurement opportunities, each year EPCO prepares a Procurement Plan.

The plan contains all relevant information related to the procurement opportunities identified, the lead central banks, the interested parties, as well as the list of areas that might have a future potential for joint procurement.

The Plan is submitted for approval to the ECB Governing Council, who decides on its implementation, following consultation with the EPCO Steering Committee.